March, 2012

Swift Optimizer 3.0 updated!

- Supports Flash 11.

- Bugs fixed.
November, 2011

Swift Optimizer 3.0 released!

- Supports vector, shape and font optimization

- Supports video, sound optimization

- Supports morphing optimization

- Supports image resources optimization

- Supports useless resources erasion
How to reduce Flash swf size and how to reduct Flash projector size?
The sizes of Flash movies and games grow rapidly nowadays. We are desperately in need of some third-party tools which can optimize the files. Not only does it reduce the file size, it also enhances the efficiency of the execution of the files.
Some tools merely use the Z-LIB technology for compression, and some others are very expensive and too complex to use. What is the best way to do it for average customers then? We think that while having the least amount of loss on quality, compresses to the original file as little as possible. After all, the quality of the film is what attracts the viewers. In theory, almost every piece could be compressed (with quality loss), however, for example, text and some vector images cannot be compressed much. We found that vectors, Shapes, graphs, sounds and AS take up most in the spaces. Compressions focused on these resources can greatly reduce the size of the files and control the movie quality effectively. Compare to the negligible resources, compressions like this yield much better results. Swift Optimizer™ is a tool which does exactly this.
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