Life Momentum!

A social wishlist for all the fun stuff you want to do in life.

Just Launched!

"we should grab some coffee soon?"

An all too common phrase, but figuring out the details prevents action. Swish is where you set things in motion before everything is planned.

Swish untangled my social life. I was able to plan a weekend with friends, see family and build a to do list for all the hikes I've wanted to go on.

Heather Alexander San Francisco, US

Live in the moment

The weekend's here ... ok, who's up for hanging out? Swish brings this information to life so you can scope the situation at a glance.

It took me zero effort to get access to what friends were up to and I didn't need to text anyone! It was all there at my fingertips, I could check who was free today and what they were interested in doing.

@GeraldChavez Bristol, UK

Connect & Coordinate!

By creating a place for your social wishes and your social circle to overlap, sharing ideas and availabilities is effortless. We want to eliminate the headaches of planning so we focus on making the experience feel automatic.

With Swish I created a social new year's resolution list. A couple things happened... I felt less stressed after organizing my social life, and actually did the things I wanted to do. Most awesome of all was the ability to easily create a to-do list for all of my social goals.

Kelly Ryan London, UK