No Sweat to Start

Everyone wants to go places and see loved ones, but planning all that SUCKS! Flexibility is the key to starting... You can say: "go hiking sometime soon with my hiking buddies". You can add plans for "soon, this summer, this year, this week, today, or an exact date" ... up to you! No pressure, details not necessary.


Build Momentum

Rather than texting everyone all the time, you can see what people are interested in doing and they can see what your planning as well. They can opt in, chat, share ideas, all in one place. Keeping track of out of sync text threads with ideas floating all over the place is a headache... Swish is all about organization and putting the activity of interest front and center.


Magical Moments

That family get together. The brewery tour. Zoo trip. Beach day. BBQ session. Wine outing. Hiking. Biking. Camping. Trips. Vacays. Ballooning. Reunions. Picnics... WHATEVER YOU WANT! We created this dang thing to finally get these desires from out of your heads and into reality.

Get Swish and build some life momentum!

Set plans in motion and make them happen --- LIVE YOUR LIVES PEOPLE!